In-depth SEO audits (WEBSITE CHECKUP)

SEO Audits are reports that help analyze your website and give specific actions to help you get found on Google.

This SEO Website Checkup uncovers pressing issues that may be preventing your site from being found by search engines like Google.

I’ll conduct a technical SEO Audit and walk you through the results. I’ll give you detailed recommendation on how to make changes.

What My SEO Audit Includes

Detailed PDF report of the SEO audit

  • 1-hour phone conversation to walk you through the findings

  • Detailed easy-to-follow checklists to help you implement changes

I aim to make results actionable and easy for you to follow, but I also have a network of trusted SEO professionals that I can refer you to.

Why would you need a personalized SEO Audit?

SEO Audits identify actions that can help you appear on more Google searches as well as rank higher on search results.

There are several free audits you can do online, and these are a great start, however, these don’t cover all of the factors that can be affecting your site. In other words, free online audits are wonderful as you begin creating a site, but as your site gets more pages, it’s better to have an in-depth diagnostic.

While I believe the results of SEO audits can be straightforward in many cases, the amount of information can be overwhelming.

That’s why I love to walk clients through the results and provide them with detailed page-by-page actions they can take to improve their SEO efforts.

SEO Audit Pricing

Audits start at $650 for websites (single domains) with fewer than 50 live pages.